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Roberta Roman, guitar - Sedef Erçetin, cello - Marisa Mercadé, bandonéon

«The trio’s originality lays in their melodies, their rhythms and their sophisticated harmonies. Their interpretative decisions combine irony and sensuality,  sobriety and emotional relaxation, energy and calm».

( Gigi Razete, La Repubblica )

If there is a music which inspires the zest for life, its most intense tragedies and itsmost torrid pleasures, that’s tango.Born in Argentina, but having quickly become a universal phenomenon, this musicspeaks to whomever owns a heart. This isn’t surprising, since it resembles the musicof oceans”. 
This way, Italian guitarist Roberta Roman, Argentinian bandonéonist Marisa Mercadéand Turkish cellist Sedef Erçetin have found the ideal common ground in order to bringthe public with them on a great melancholic, sensual, and measured journey.The trio carries out a fascinating and fiery voyage through sound, using alanguage flavoured with modernist touches, within the undeniable charm oftango.An international, all-female trio based in Paris, they offer an original musicaljourney through the connivance between ‘learned’ music (Musica Colta) andmusic ‘of the people’(Musica Popolare).The Trio’s repertoire reveals the most intimate motivation of tango to us; adeep sentiment, and, most importantly,   the emotional engagement, aremade real thanks to the acoustic sound’s natural grain.The bandonéon, the guitar and the cello call and answer to each other asthey exchange sentences within a complex and suggestive musical range ,where each instrument is able to express itself entirely.Their repertoire doesn’t simply embrace tango from its origins u[ until themusic of Astor Piazzolla; instead, it equally includes new works writtenespecially for them by contemporary composers such as Rossano Pinelli,Simone Iannarelli, Glbert Clamens, Atanas Ourkouzounov, Leonardo Sanchez,Jurgen Schwenkglenks, Didier Goret and Youri Bessieres.


«An ideal unity of music, skill, and beauty. Passion, grace and fire».

( Publico - Mexico )

«An entertaining execution, sophisticated/refined, palpitating, of  respectful passion, and of a very rare skilfulness»

( Folk notes - Franco Lucà - Italy )

«A performance of a dazzling level, but at the same time of great passion, grace, vitality/liveliness and energy»

( Corriere della Sera - Italy )

For 20 years, Roberta Roman Trio (previously known as Trio Contempo) has beensharing the stage with world-class artists such as Pink Martini, Juan Carlos Caceres,Gotan   Project,   Richard   Galliano,   Duo   Assad,   Pedro   Soler,   Raoul   Barboza,   CesarStroscio, Pink Martini, Badi Assad, and Sharon Isbin.They have been performing in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, such asChaillot’s  Théâtre National, the Théâtre Saint Germain en Laye, Chaville’s Atrium  inFrance; abroad, they have performed in Catania’s Anfiteatro, Teatro Metropolitano  inPalermo,  Idroscalo  in Milan (Italy), Bellinzone’s Theatre in Switzerland, Querétaro’stheatre, Theatre of Fine Arts in Mexico, and moreover in Sweden, Denmark andMorocco. 
The Trio has taken part in Malek Bensmail’s film production Démokratia, which aired inFrance on ARTE TV; they also have performed live for Mexican TV and radio, for Radio-France and for RAI1 and RAI3 in occasion of the prestigious Premio Luchetta in Italy.

Voyage à Sorrento


Trio Contempo

Live au Folckclub

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Angeles y Demonios

Trio Contempo

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