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In 2004, she is invited to join Juan Jose Mosalini’s  Grand   Orchestre   de   Tango, andalongside it she performs across the greatest European theatres.Following that, she joins Trio Contempo, formed of bandonéon, guitar and cello, withwhich she will tors around Europe and Latin America. For many years, Marisa also has been collaborating with pianist and singer Juan CarlosCaceres and with singer Melingo.She has taken part in projects with  l’Octour   de   Violoncelles,  the string quintet  LesArchets de Paris, theatre company La Force des Choses, and also with J.C. Marti, inorder to record contemporary music, and with composer Luis Naon for the albumCorazon al Sur.Marisa performs as a soloist with Orchestre Symphonique EDF under the direction ofMichael  Cousteu, with  Reims’ Orchestra  directed  by Ruth  Schneider,  with  DariusMilhaud’s choir and the Helios Ensemble under the direction of Laurent Saudain forMartin Palmieri’s La Misa, performed in Buenos Aires.

Marisa Mercadé was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the birthplace of Tango. She firststarts playing piano when very young, and subsequently the bandonéon.Her musical and technical qualities attract the attentions of great masters such asAlejandro Zarate and Nestor Marconi in Buenos Aires, and Juan José Mosalini in Paris.In 2000, she is invited to take part in the all – female quartet Las Tangueras and playsin the most important theatres in Buenos Aires.She then successfully auditioned forLa Orquesta Escuela de Tango directed by EmilioBalcarce. Because of the multiple invitations to come play in Europe, she moved to Paris whereshe began an intense musical activity.Upon her arrival, she joined Juan Cedron’s  Orchestra   Tipica, and with them sherecorded the album Nocturno.She also performed as a soloist with Nice Symphony Orchestra in the  Opéra  Paris-Tango, directed byJuan José Mosalini and Horacio Ferrer.In Paris, she also recorded the album  Omoi  with singer Anna Saeki’s group,  LasMalenas, which will be followed by a tour of Japan.She   became   member   of  Hyperion   quintet   and   of  Orchestre   Silencio,   and   sheperformed in numerous concerts across Europe.

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