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Lucariello published  The   New   Thousand  in 2010, under the label  Sugar, owned byCaterina Caselli. It was written with Giuliano Sangiorgi, from band Negramaro, and itbecame the theme song of Italian tv station RaiTre’s show bearing the same name.The earnings from the album have been devolved to POLI.I.S foundation, promotingthe fight against crime and the founding of a free radio station.In 2011, he performed a duet with Claudio Baglioni with a hip-hop version of the songNoi   no.   In   2012,   he   released   the   album  CMNF8   (Che   Me   Ne   Fotto),   under   hisindependent label Vezuvio Records.Singles out of the albums are Io e te, Democratica Violenza, and Proibito Ambito, eachwith their own music video.In 2014,  Lucariello recorded Nuje Vulimme Na Speranza with rapper Ntò  , which thenbecame the main theme for the TV show Gomorra.The same year, he performs Te Sento, as part of a duo with Neapolitan singer FrancoRicciardi.In 2015, he contributed to Fabri Fibra’s album Squallor. In the September of the sameyear, the music video, shot in Scampia with Vittoria ft. Fabri Fibra, gets released .Between 2015 and 2017, Lucariello’s collaboration with label  Rec  Music  intensified,and producers D-Ross and Star-t-uffo published a series of titles called  Il   VangeloSecondo Luca (The Gospel According to Luca), his fourth solo album, which comprisesSenza   Peccato,  Articolo   quinto,  Guagliùn   ‘e   miez   a  via,  Blitz,  Ave  Maria, and  Lassetutte cose.A few months later, after participating in a project which took place across a few youthdetention centres, he composed the song Puortame là fóre with singer Raiz..

Lucariello sings about Italy as seen from the streets of working class Naples. Proudexhibitor of Italian rap in Neapolitan dialect, he became very famous for composingthe theme for all episodes of the tv show  Gomorra. He has collaborated with FabriFibra, Caparezza, and Negramaro, and he has written music for tv station Rai and itscommercials in many occasions.He began his career in 1994, when he directed a programme dedicated to rap musicon a local Neapolitan station, Radio Panoramica.Meanwhile,   together   with   his   first   group,   he   released  Ventodivino,   167,   a   videodedicated to the neighbourhood of Scampia, where he spent his childhood years.Lucariello started  performing  on  the  national  Italian  hip-hop  scene  in many jamsessions, and in 1997 he founded  Clan Vesuvio with which he published the albumSpaccanapoli the same year.In 1999, he produced Malafemmena, a strictly Neapolitan rap EP.From 2001 to 2003, he went on multiple tours with the V7  project. Always open toexperimentation   and   to   new   influences,   he   has   part   in   numerous   concerts   withdifferent musician from the Neapolitan Jazz scene.He collaborated  with group Almamegretta grom 2003 to 2008, which resulted in 4albums and more than 200 concerts in Italy and in Europe.
In 2008, he wrote Wooden Coat. The song, inspired by the events in Gomorra, wasconceived   following   the   long   correspondence   between   the   rapper   and   RobertoSaviano.The music of ‘Cappotto Di Legno’ (Wooden Coat), borne from the collaboration withclassical composer Ezio, instantly becomes a symbol for new Neapolitan rap; the videowas produced by MTV as part of their ‘No Mafia’ campaign, shot by Oscar winnerGabriele Salvatores.



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